21 -23 August 2024 | Reykjavík | Iceland


Planning in the Nordic context – opportunities and challenges


Planning in the Nordic context – opportunities and challenges

Welcome to the 11th Nordic Planning Research Symposium PLANNORD 2024, this time taking place in Reykjavík, Iceland.

PLANNORD is a platform for networking and exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners, concerning spatial planning in the Nordic context. PLANNORD aims to create a space for dialogue to explore challenges and identify opportunities for Nordic planning. We welcome academics, practitioners, and PhD candidates to build bridges between science and practice, between scientific disciplines, and between Nordic planning communities.

The purpose of the PLANNORD 2024 symposium is to provide opportunities to discuss in what way planning in Nordic countries faces specific contextual challenges or provides opportunities that should be increasingly considered to meet the goals of a sustainable and livable future. Planning in the Nordic context refers to the surrounding conditions and the assumptions that planning should take into account in order to support a viable and sustainable future. These contextual aspects might be embedded in society, culture, legal systems, planning practices, latitudinal location, and the natural as well as the contemporary built environment.

On behalf of the organizing team, I wish you all a successful conference and a pleasant stay in Reykjavík

Dr. Harpa Stefánsdóttir, Professor