PhD course & Social events

A PhD workshop will take place directly before the symposium, the 21st August at Keldnaholt campus in Reykjavik. (arrival to Iceland the 20th August is necessary.) The PhD course, including participation in the workshop as well as the conference, will provide 3 ETCs. Tutors in the course include key lecturers and track leaders of the symposium. PhD students enrolled in a relevant PhD program and that have uploaded and got accepted abstract for the PLANNORD symposium can register to the PhD course through the AUI registration system.

For further information about the course and in case of late registration, please contact, for upload and handling of the required abstract.

We want to note that the 24th August is Reykjavik Culture Night, worth following, with numerous events throughout the day and night, all free of charge.  Culture Night occurs across central Reykjavik, with celebrations in the streets, squares, museums, businesses, and even residential gardens!  The program will be provided here